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Interview with the Artist Karl Houtteman

Contemporary Gallery CH asks five questions to Belgian artist Karl Houtteman.

His motto:

"Don't stop creating and seeking for the unseen"

What distinguishes your art?

I don't capture a moment, I capture something we cannot see in real life. Color, forms and space changes. This kind of shots I make is not a one shot story here, it captures different dimensions into one frame. What you see is a surreal image taken from the real

What sources of inspiration do you have?

I am inspired by looking around and see things like I would see it in multiple dimensions. This is the hardest part because most of the times its difficult to create such imagine in your head. I let myself inspire by many artist especially painters like Rothko, Picasso, Modigliani and many more. I don't want to copy them, but create something new by touches of these artists.

What motivates you?

Creation of something new and unseen, ugly or beautiful.

Which techniques do you use?

I use a camera and movement by myself or the subject. The camera will take shots in multiple exposure.

What was your most impressive moment in your artistic Career?

The moment when people buy my work and getting really moved and be emotional makes me happy. 

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