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Interview with the Artist Evgenia Guichert

Contemporary Gallery CH asks five questions to Ukrainian Artist Evgenia Guichert.

"It is not a talent to be able to make a peace of art, but rather a skill that is acquired over time."

What distinguishes your art?

Painting is my second mother language. And I think many artists will share with me this point of view. I do speak to you with my painting, I do look at you through my art when you are just infront of my drawing and I am just next to you when you have my canvas in your hands. Each canvas has its own story to tell you. My story. Chose your one to develop your story, on your mother language.

Everyone see different things by looking at the same thing. But there is always a common feeling: you put your soul and your time in your work to chare it with another soul by taking his time.

What sources of inspiration do you have?

Inspiration? It is everywhere: in the light and in the shadow; in the music, in the speeches of people on the street, in the silence of the night. Mundane, everyday things and moments - this is how art is created.

What motivates you?

The process of drawing itself is already a motivation. Isn't that right?

Which techniques do you use?

As I am very open mind self-taught artist my answer is very easy: I use a brunch, some water and some color. The rest is hand movements, sometimes fingers, sometimes even sponge. People call my technique “chiaroscuro”. I use acrylic colors from different marks, because I am not very patient for oil as it needs time to get dry. And when I start try paint - I do enter a world without time, so I work without mentioning it sometimes to see the final result.

What was your most impressive moment in your artistic career?

The best moment will be the next moment. As there is a saying: yesterday you will be better than today, because today you was already better as yesterday.

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