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Interview with the Artist Alexandra Petropoulou

Contemporary Gallery CH asks five questions to Greece artist Alexandra Petropoulou.

Her Motto:

"You have the brushes, you got the colors, you painted the paradise and got inside." Nikos Kazantzakis

What distinguishes your art?

What distinguishes my art is that it produces strong emotions. It creates forms and freedom in mind. My abstract technique, the intense contrast, gives the viewer the opportunity to travel alone in my canvas.

What sources of inspiration do you have?

I have an influence on my daily routine. That's what I hear, I see, I'm experiencing, people, the sounds affect my mental state and this is imprinted on my canvas.

What motivates you?

My art is part of my life.I feel happy to be my canvas and my subconscious. When I paint I enter into a world of absolute balance, freedom and happiness.

Which techniques do you use?

After many different techniques the technique that expresses me is the texture asbract and the mixed technique. I want to give life to my materials. I want my painting to have a volume, shadows and shapes. I leave to see what my subconscious will create.

What was your most impressive moment in your artistic Career?

The most important moment was when, after 3 years of absence from my art, my best friend gave me a gift and she said "you are half without your art, you belong to it, please continue to paint." .

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