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Discussion of the work "Blue Embrace" from Veronika Spleiss

The coloured lithography "Blue Embrace" symbolically shows two people standing on a raised ground. Their embrace is not visible, but is only indicated by the proximity of their bodies. They stand on the blue ground, which, depending on the tilt, gives support to one, then the other. The dark blue as the colour of deep trust and fidelity characterizes this very ground of their togetherness.

The characteristic style of Veronika Spleiss' works is more subtle in lithography. This is partly due to the artistic process. On a stone slab the drawing is made side-inverted with fat chalk. In several further steps, the stone is pretreated until it is actually printed. The pressure results from the repulsion reaction of water and fat. The result is a coarse-grained texture characteristic of lithography

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About the artist:

The artist Veronika Spleiss with Estonian and Russian roots is interested in visual arts since more than fifteen years. At the Painting school by Natalia Zurakowska in Munich, she learned the techniques in painting, graphic and illustration which gave her a broad understanding of art. After her intellectual studies in French and Russian literature and political theory in Munich, Clermont-Ferrand and Passau Veronika Spleiss has dedicated herself to artistic creation that brings her to the series „Following the black lines“ and „–life“.

A viewer of the paintings by Veronika Spleiss once has said: "It reminds me of a tidy chaos". He meant the interaction of order and chaos. The black oil and acrylic paint surrounds the artwork to the edges and gives the painting something immersing and deep. Out of the black paint, forms of white, gold and bright colours come to the surface and bring the deepness to substance. So the two-dimensionality enables a sharper focus and reveals structures which seemed to be gone.

Therefore the chaotic elements of her works are not that taken by chaos as it might seem for the viewer. Indeed the first glimpse on the painting is an overwhelming celebration of forms and colours and its single common feature is the black edging of the paintings. But the second glimpse, out of the white and colourful fragments, discloses associative forms of the reality and on the meta level their tales.

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