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Discussion of the series "Interstellar" by the artist Roger Brönnimann/ Switzerland

In his abstract compositions, the artist Roger Brönnimann deals with the theme of astronomy: the other worlds. In an allegorical view, he is not only concerned with planetary constellations, but with the conventionally physically unattainable, the hidden, but also the possible. Brönnimann brings worlds and points of view that elude the viewer in his everyday life back to him/her. They are a sign of the expanse and its possibilities, which must first be uncovered by another person or by oneself.

But these worlds are not characterized by standstill, but by a movement radiating calm. The use of the colour blue, the lines, circles and granular structures suggest a flowing movement and resistance at the same time. Movement in a state of tension...

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About the artist:

The artist Roger Brönnimann has been engaged in abstract painting for a decade. Essential aspects of his work consist of the play with colours. He was inspired by astronomy, the depth and breadth of the universe and the intensity of the colours and elements that accompany it. The creative process of his works is strongly impulsive, guided by mood and feelings. The stories, the backgrounds and the deeper meaning in his works arise during the creation of the works. His works invite us to immerse ourselves in them and let them affect us. The viewer always finds new elements which reveal to him his own, new stories about the works.

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