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Krista is a self-educated artist, born in Riga, Latvia.

“Since childhood I was interested in art in many possible ways – dancing, acting, modelling and writing. Thanks to my Family I had a possibility to try myself in all that ways. The biggest part of my life took dances, and that the passion of painting will ever wake up, I had no idea!” – says Krista.  Although, since age of 19, two people brought the interest of painting in her life – Salvador Dalì and Andy Warhol. It was the first kick for Krista to try herself in painting.

“Once you put your foot in Art – you are stucked in there forever.” © Krista

“The funniest thing is that Art is everywhere. People, manners, sensuality, sarcasm, the way of thinking, getting an experience and so on. Life is an Art and Art is Life! In that case I can say that every person has his own sense of Art and of life. My sense for both is Sensual Sarcasm, based on society.”

All this brings to Krista the inspiration to create elegant, sensual and sarcastic Art works. In 2019 she started to work on her new line of paintings called “Fashion Session Collection”. The main idea of this line is social female break down, based on Fashion. In all the paintings are different women with different stories, but the common cause. They all are united by flowers, which are symbolizing an elegance, cult of beauty and sexuality – the pure characteristics of feminine desperation for being loved and desired by everybody